Repeat after me. Choose your mantra and wear it. Equestrian Mantra Bangles are a great way to motivate for your daily ride. Get 1, 3, 7 or the entire set to stack. 

1 piece $20

3 piece $50

5 piece $75

7 piece$100


Equestrian Mantra Bangles*

  • Mantra selections are shown in colors available.

    Measure 1/8" x 2.5" adjustable

    One Stride  (Gold)

    Soft Hands (Silver)

    Eyes Up (Rose)

    Inside Leg (Silver)

    Breathe (Gold)

    Enjoy the Ride (Rose)

    Every Ride is a journey (Silver)

    Eat Sleep Ride (Gold)

    More Leg (not shown) (Rose)

    Unicorn Rider (not shown) (Silver)

    Boss Mare (not shown) (Rose)

    Faultless (not shown) (Gold)

    Scopey (not shown) (Silver)

    Rider up Rider Down (not shown) (Rose)

    Bucks Bites Kicks Rears (not shown) (Gold)


    **have your own barn team mantra, let us custom make bangles for you. minimum 20 per piece. Makes for great inspirational gifts.