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Vinyl Appliques


Helmet Monograms and all other Regular Vinyl Appliques.

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use windex or similar cleaning products.  Prepare applique by rubbing the clear transfer tape with a credit card.  Remove backing paper. Slowly lower the appliques onto the surface and rub it firmly with credit card. Peel clear transfer tape off slowly, at an angle. Be careful not to pull applique off the surface. If applique pulls away from surface, lay transfer tape back down and rub again.

*for sueded or velvet type helmets, be patient. The process takes a little longer.


Heat Transfer Vinyl Appliques


Make sure the item is clean. Set iron to cotton setting or medium. Press iron on item to make warm. Remove backing paper. Place applique in position. In a circular motion rub iron over applique, continually moving for 15 seconds. Let cool for 10 seconds and slowly peel back clear transfer tape. If the transfer is not adhering,  lay transfer tape back down and repeat.

*for leather items be sure to only use iron on area receiving the applique.

*wash items in cold water and do not place in dryer.


Monogram Saddle Plates and Bridle Plate


We only recommend having an experience saddle shop or cobbler attach your saddle plate and bridle plate.

If you choose to attach yourself, use painters tape to cover monogram and prevent damage during installation. Place Saddle Plate in position and mark center of hole. Use and awl or similar tool to make a small starter hole. Place Saddle Plate in place. Using a small ball hammer, gently tap the first nail in place. Do not hammer all the way. Next do second nail. After both nails are well started, finish by gently hammering all the way.


Bridle Plates come standard with nail and burr and must be attached professionally. Chicago screws are available by request. We also recommend that bridle plates be covered for protection during installation.

***Swanky Saddle is not responsible for customer damage. Any damage incurred with self installation is customer fault any replacement saddle plates does not apply.



Crop Topper


Use a soft ended hammer or rubber mallet to gently tap metal topper in place at the top of your crop or bat. You may need to make a small starter hole with nail or small drill bit. Once Crop Topper cap is in place and secure, follow Vinyl Applique instructions to place your monogram. Crop Toppers cannot be added to metal center rod crops or bats. 




We recommend that all apparel be washed in cold water and line dry. 



Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.



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